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Amethi has been an agri-based society and it has been Rahul Gandhi’s vision to encourage industrialisation, thus providing wider scope of employment to the people of Amethi. A mixed model of development has been adopted where the attempt has been to accommodate industrialisation while promoting agriculture. Rahul Gandhi strongly believes in active stakeholder participation and therefore industrialisation is achieved through and in consultation with the people. This has ensured that while heavy and medium industries have been established, it has not happened at the cost of traditional means of livelihood. Several industries have been set up in Amethi since the 1980s, opening up avenues for employment to the people of the district.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Amethi development
Entrance to BHEL

Set up in 1983 by Rajiv Gandhi in the Jagdishpur industrial area, BHEL was one of the first heavy industries to be established in Amethi. It includes a fabrication plant and a centralised stamping unit. In 2009-10, Rahul Gandhi facilitated the expansion of BHEL with an investment of Rs. 367 crore, providing employment opportunities for 1500 people. The plant produces 25000 tonnes of fabricated and machined components per year for power plant equipment.

Steel Authority of India Limited

Amethi industry
SAIL unit at Jagdishpur

In 2009, the defunct Malvika Steel was acquired by SAIL at its Jagdishpur plant at a cost of Rs. 510 crores. Three units have been added which includes TMT Bar Mill, Galvanized Sheet Corrugation Unit and Crash Barrier Manufacturing Unit. This initiative will provide employment to around 700 people in Amethi.

Rail Neer

Amethi development Rail neer
Rail Neer plant in Gauriganj

Amethi is home to one of the largest RAIL Neer plants in India. The plant, which manufactures bottled water for the Indian railways, was established in 2014 in Gauriganj at a total cost of Rs. 8 crore. It has the capacity to produce 72000 units of bottled water per day for the Indian Railways. The establishment of Rail Neer has opened another avenue of employment for the people of Amethi.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Amethi development
HAL campus in Korwa

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, has been India’s largest manufacturer of aeronautical defence equipment. For decades HAL has been producing state-of-the art weaponry & aircrafts that have helped consolidate India’s formidable place in global power relations. In 1982 HAL set up a division in Amethi for the purpose of defence production for the Indian Air Force. The centre produces Display Attack Range and Inertial Navigation system for international aircrafts of the Air Force as well as avionic systems for MiG-27. The centre in Amethi provides employment for approximately 1100 skilled workers along with 200 engineers.

Ordnance Factory

development in Amethi
Ordnance Factory in Korwa

In 2007, Rahul Gandhi set up an Ordnance Factory in the HAL campus with an investment of Rs. 408 crores for the purpose of manufacturing carbines and other defence equipments. This step ensured that over 500 individuals would be provided formal employment.

Other industries and employment opportunities

Amethi industry development
Shalimar Pellet Feeds Ltd. in Jagdishpur

Advancing industrialisation and a growing market in Amethi in the last decade has also encouraged several private players to set up their manufacturing units in Amethi. Employment opportunities in the district have received a huge boost due to these private enterprises.

The Indo Gulf Fertilizer Plant, set up in 1998, is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Jagdishpur and is considered one of the most energy efficient plants in the country. It is located in the middle of the agricultural heartland of the Indo-Gangetic plains which gives it access to a large and growing market.

ACC Tikaria Cement Works in Gauriganj
ACC Tikaria Cement Works in Gauriganj

Both ACC Limited which is a leading producer of sand and cement and Shalimar Pellet Feeds which is involved in manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products, etc. act as major sources of employment for the people of Amethi. With increased and regular employment, the lives of the people of Amethi have changed drastically. The improved job scenario has steadily increased their purchasing power, improved human development indicators and they are now enjoying a better quality of life.

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