The development of any region requires an extensive and well-connected network of roads and railways. Prior to the 1980’s, Amethi was isolated and cut off from other regions, making any kind of trade and movement extremely arduous. Recognising the critical importance of connectivity for the progress of a region, former Prime Minister and MP from Amethi, Rajiv Gandhi laid the foundation for infrastructural development in the region. Elected in 2004, Rahul Gandhi took this vision forward and prioritised connectivity and mobility as one of his core areas of focus. Over his three term tenure, Amethi witnessed tremendous expanse in rail and road connectivity, shaping its formation as an industrial hub.

Road development in amethi

During the tenure of Rahul Gandhi, six national highways and an array of state highways were constructed, significantly contributing towards mobility and trade. A network of roads was constructed within the district connecting every village to the centre of the town. Every person residing in any village in Amethi is connected to the nearest national/state highway within 15 kms radius which is further linked to other major cities. Within the state, Amethi provides access via road to major cities such as Varanasi, Agra, Kanpur, Lucknow etc and also connects to major cities outside Uttar Pradesh such as Delhi and Bhopal. Massive strides in road infrastructure have resulted in making Amethi a strategic location for trade and investment.

Amethi road links Connectivity

Rahul Gandhi envisioned an Amethi which is connected to the rest of India wherein every resident of Amethi has the opportunity to fulfill her/his aspirations. By ensuring last mile connectivity to the people of Amethi, Rahul Gandhi has facilitated commute of people and mobility of freight. Railway stations in Amethi, Jais, Musafirkhana and Nihalgarh are amongst the most prominent ones providing regular connectivity to all major cities across UP and the country. The people of Amethi can now travel to Jammu, Bangalore, Mumbai and Visakhapatnam via the Amethi station, whereas the business community of Amethi largely benefit from the Nihalgarh station catering to the industrial hub of Jagdishpur by providing access to cities like Agra, Varanasi, Kanpur and Lucknow. Direct connection via rail within and from Amethi have encouraged industries to set up factories, contributing to both growth and livelihood.

Amethi Rail links Connectivity

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